You've Been Doing CMA's


                                 and Losing Listings Because Of It

It's Not Your Fault, But Not Knowing How to Price A Home Confidently & Correctly Means Taking Overpriced Listings that Just Sit on the Market...Leading to Angry Sellers...Or Worse…Losing Listings to Dishonest Agents Who Tell Sellers What They Want to Hear...Just to Get the Listing. 

Now There Is A Solution...
  • STOP: Wondering How to Determine The Right Price
  • STOP: Taking Overpriced Listings That Just Sit On The Market
  • STOP: Losing Listings to Unscrupulous Agents

 Important: Real Estate Agents, CAN NOT afford to miss this!

Learn How to Do An Accurate Comparative Market Analysis And How to Get Sellers to Price Listings Right From the Beginning, So You Never Lose Listings Again.


C.M.A. Mastery Course


The Ultimate, Step-by-Step C.M.A. Training for Realtors

Are you one of those agents who was simply never taught how to do a CMA and so you struggle with pricing properties right because you don’t know how to pull the right comps and read the market? 

Do you get intimidated and nervous every time you go into a Listing Appointment, knowing it’s going to be a battle with the Sellers to get the right price?

Are you tired of dreading that price reduction conversation...knowing your seller is going to be p***ed off.  

Are you afraid you’ll lose another listing because you don’t know how to confidently convince the seller.

I understand the frustration.  

But it’s not your fault.

Problem is...

They don’t teach this in pre-licensing schools. 

Sure, you might have gotten some basic training on how to do a CMA...and even how to make it look beautiful with fancy software and charts that look cool...…

BUT...they skip the most important part which is training you on how to KNOW the right price AND how to communicate that to the seller with the CMA. And this is the key.

BECAUSE...No matter how great your CMA is (or how fancy it looks), you won’t get the listing if you and the seller don’t agree on the right price.

And if you give in to “their price” just so they give you the listing, there’s a high probability that the listing won’t sell because it will be overpriced.
You may have even explored Zestimates and CMA calculators, but realized that they simply are not reliable.

So, what do you do now? 
If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll continue hopelessly making the same mistakes and losing listings and sales.

Here’s the answer to your problems...

C.M.A. Mastery Course

                                                                                                                     by Kevin Ward

A In-Depth Online Training Program that will help you break the cycle of losing listings & sales because of uncertainty and disagreement with sellers on pricing.
Dear Realtor, 

Hi, I’m Kevin Ward. 

And in my career as an agent, I’ve done over 1,000 listing presentations, which means I’ve also done way over a thousand CMAs. And by trial and error (and lots of mistakes) I finally figured out how to get listings priced right from the beginning, so they sell faster and for more money. Best of all...You get happy clients...AND you get paid!!!

Because what I’ve observed is that a vast majority of agents struggle with how to do an accurate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)...AND how to communicate it effectively to sellers in a way that gets them to choose the right price that will help them sell their house for the most money.

This happens simply BECAUSE most agents never get the right training to be able to determine the right price, and more importantly communicate it to the seller in a way that gets the seller to agree to price a home correctly.

Because I had to learn the hard way...and because I’m committed to helping you succeed, I have put together everything I’ve learned about doing CMA’s in my NEW comprehensive CMA training course. 

Don't miss this opportunity. See you in the course.


I’ll give you the Pricing Strategies that others simply don’t teach.

The Market Analysis with the Listing Presentation are the song and your Communication Skills with the Seller are the dance. This course will guide you step by step as you prepare the song and give you the right dance moves, that will make the Seller want to say “Yes” to you.

As you’ve always heard, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

If you can’t effectively present it to them at the listing presentation you’ll either not get them to agree on the right price, so you lose the listing, or you get the listing but price it wrong, so the property ends up not getting sold. Either way, you lose.

In this course, you’ll learn how to present the CMA with confidence and conviction to get the seller to agree with you on the right price.

Making an accurate CMA doesn’t have to be complicated

Before you present a compelling CMA to the seller, you need to prepare a good CMA. We all know that when it comes to marketing and selling a property, the most important thing is price. If you price it wrong, it won’t sell. Your ability to prepare a good CMA is critical in taking a listing and getting it sold.

But there are many factors and variables that affect pricing...making it complicated if you don’t understand the factors.

So in this course, I’ll break it down for you, take apart each element and give you the exact, step-by-step process of how to create an accurate Market Analysis.

No more groping in the dark with where and how to find the right comps

In this course, you’ll learn how to cover all the bases and put all the comps together for the seller. 

Making adjustments to the CMA

Even if the comps are in the same area, there are many factors that go into affecting the value of a property when you start having to make adjustments. Realize that some things which you thought add value to a property actually don’t. You’ll learn how to make adjustments to the CMA even if you don’t have the experience.

Getting the Sellers to Price It Right

You’ll learn Visual Anchoring techniques to help sellers understand the CMA and have them interpret the CMA correctly so they choose the right price every time. And you’ll also learn the best pricing objection-handlers for those stubborn sellers.

You won’t end up a statistic anymore

Imagine the sense of confidence you’ll feel after you learn the powerful CMA-making strategies. You’ll find that doing a CMA is as easy as 1,2,3.

You’ll do an accurate CMA, present it to the seller in a way that makes him agree to the right listing price, get the listing, and sell it for top dollar. Keep doing that over and over again, and you’ll grow your business and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait another day to learn and implement the strategies in this CMA course and experience the wonderful breakthrough in your business and in your life.

Click here to start on your journey to becoming good at making CMAs.

C.M.A. Mastery Course

                                                                                                                     by Kevin Ward

The opportunity to get more listings by doing better CMAs is right in front of you. As soon as you click the button and complete the registration for the course, I’ll immediately give you full lifetime access, so you can hit the ground running in minutes.

Take the time to study and learn how to prepare CMAs. Before you know it, you’ll be a master of doing CMAs. Then, you can get more listings and sales and you can finally grow your business and live the life you’ve always wanted.
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